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    User Identity Verification (UIV) program?

    HireFriendly UIV  ensures a trusted marketplace for all  it’s users by confirming user’s identity. This helps to prevent fraud, money laundering, and the financing of other illegal practices.

    What do i need to verify my identity?

    • Valid ID card (International passport, driver’s licence or any government-issued ID)
    • Passport photograph
    • Recent utility bill or Bank statements

    What happens if I’m not able to pass the verification?

    You will not be paid,Until the verification is passed.
    Additional requirements:

    • High quality colour scan image or digital photo.
    • Must be currently valid (not expired).
    • Must include photo, signature, name and date of birth.
    • Must not be hand written.
    • Do not crop, adjust colours, or alter the image in any way.
    • Must be in English or of English character set
    • Name on ID must match the name entered in the Verification process.
    • ID number must match the ID number entered in the Verification process.

    Verification Process Takes 2 Business Days.


    User Identity Verification

      User Details

    • Bank Details

    • Upload Details

    • Required Docs: Passport,I.D and Utility Bill. Upload Section: max File size 8MB Supported Format: png|jpeg|gif