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    Invite Family, Friends,Students,Co-Workers,Companies…ETC  to effortlessly process their Projects on Our Secured Platform.

    Earn 100% project commissions of Each Completed Project Posted by Your Referred Users,We Now Support Direct Bank Transfer.

    Note:This system only supports Completed Projects. Make sure your referred users signup via your referral link.

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    Bank Transfer = N300 [NIP Charge]

    Airtime = 0% Charge

    No Extra Charges

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    Spam projects will not be tolerated

    Based on Security Reasons Posts that contains Personal Phone Number and Email address  will be taken down.


    HireFriendly has all necessary tools to enable you securely execute projects.

    Secured Inbuilt Messaging System

    Secured WorkSpace

    Secured Document transfer

    Secured Payment

    Earning Duration:12Months

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